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We offer a very simple straightforward service, we will get you bookings, but our unique service is that we have no rules or regulations. We make the process simple with no binding contract, no obligations and no setup fee.

The biggest problem that owners of holiday accommodation have is they put their property with one of the large letting agencies who very often have too many properties on their books, which means that each individual property owner doesn't have a high enough occupancy rate throughout the year. This is where we are different we are going to take a maximum of 15 properties and no more.

 Our website receives high volumes of traffic and is on page 1 of Google for most ofEndeavour Weekday Holiday Cottages receiving bookings from our website the important keywords, so we will make sure that each one of our partners receives individual attention and a high occupancy rate. We also own space on various other Whitby related websites, where we will be advertising our customers.

We just take a 20% commission on any bookings owners accept direct from the holidaymakers and then send on the customer's details to the property owners.

If you would like to list your property free of charge just contact Alan Davidson and we can discuss the possibilities further.

 We are only looking for a mutually satisfying relationship with any future Whitby holiday accommodation owners.

Telephone (01274) 614650 - Mobile (07813) 779273


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Endeavour Cottage in Whitby

Haydock Place

Endeavour Cottage in Whitby located in the courtyard of Haydock Place.


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If you have high quality holiday accommodation in Whitby

We could provide high occupancy.

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List your property with us. no contract red tape, no setup fee. Just bookings if and when you want them.

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