Beware of parking attendants in Whitby

When people book their holiday cottage with Whitby Endeavour Cottages the most popular question they ask us to do you have any parking? We do provide free parking permits and scratch cards but the most important thing to realise is that Whitby is very  strict regarding its parking laws and we hear very often tourists states they unwittingly received a parking ticket while visiting the which obviously can take some of the  pleasure out of their visit.

whitby parking attendant

A few years ago the park-and-ride scheme was opened in Whitby and at the time I wrote some articles about how to park free of charge in around this small old fishing port which is limited in its availability.

Whitby Parking

Whitby parking information

 For the moment the park-and-ride scheme came into force this little small fishing port had three parking attendants circling the town so when tourists do park in the one hour slots near to the harbour itself, then they often are surprised they get a parking ticket very quickly.

Obviously the best thing to do is if you are visiting for just one day is used the park-and-ride parking facility on the outskirts of Whitby and catch the bus into town, but if you do decide you would like to park near the center I will give you some advice on the rest of this article.

Has there been few areas which are to use a one hour parking disc zone, but you must obtain obviously the parking disc from the tourist information board and it is only for one hour which is not of use to the day trippers.

The rest of the parking areas near the center of Whitby are parking zones which display a letter, example W zone, so if you have a scratched for these areas it must also be a matching W zone scratch card which then allows you to park for two days are in some cases for days. Obviously the day trippers will not have Scratch cards and that's the whole idea behind the park-and-ride scheme

Parking Scratch cards are only obtainable by peoples' holiday accommodation properties in the town so they are not meant for the day trippers.

So the only way for day trippers visiting the town to the park is to use the pay and display car parks or to park further back away from the center of the town which is the residential areas and walking into town.

The message from this article is do not flaunt the parking rules in the are you will certainly receive parking ticket, the town is limited in its area parking so you must be willing to use the park-and-ride scheme, pay and display car parks  or park further back in the town 's residential areas and walk into town which for a lot of people is not a  good solution.

If you're going to Whitby for a few days holiday the best solution is to use a provided parking permits or a scratch card both as a company we provide for our guests.

Don't flout the parking laws are you will get a ticket.

If you want advice phone me Alan Davidson 07813779273

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