A Quick Guide to Whitby

With relevant links and information that hopefully will help people make their day trip more interesting. If youre driving into Whitby the only easy locations to park near the harbour are the pay-and-display car parks, there is a little on road free parking but it’s limited, but here is a map showing the locations for Whitby parking.All the pay-and-display car parks and also free on road parking spots near the town Whitby Parking

whitby qick tour map

For the purpose of this article we will arrive in Whitby and park in the large pay-and-display car park behind Whitby Abbey on the East side of the town.

The first and most popular tourist attraction of the town is Whitby Abbey which has its own museum before entering the grounds of the ruin itself. More information on the The history of Whitby Abbey. On leaving the grounds of the Abbey you then walk towards St Marys church and graveyard, the church is open to the public and free to enter. More information on the history of St Marys Church

Whitby Abbey

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199 steppsWwhitbyOn leaving the graveyard you come to the top of the famous 199 steps from where you get a panoramic view over the West side of Whitby. On descending down the 199 steps we come to the bottom where if you turn right you can walk along the historic Henrietta Street towards Fortunes smoked kipper shop, after which you get an excellent view of the harbour with the little lopsided cottages behind. It is possible to descend down the steep slope towards the east pier. History of Henrietta Street Fortunes Kipper, the Black Horse and the White Horse and Griffin

A full walking guide of the town and its attractions click Whitby

Turning around and going back down Henrietta Street to the bottom of the steps is the start of Henrietta Street WhitbyChurch Street, thought of as the most historic part of Whitby with its cobbled stones and many little shops selling Whitby jet and other artefacts. History of Church Street

As you walk along, Church Street opens out into the town square with the clock tower where there is still a market held on the weekends. You then can carry on down the street walking past the Black Horse and White Horse and Giffin public houses; both steeped in history.

Whitby Pubs

Turn right at the end of the cobbled part of Church Street towards Whitbys famous swing bridge which was opened in 1908. History of Whitby Swing Bridge.

Once over the bridge if you take a right turn you are walking along St Anns Staith which then becomes Pier road. History of St Anns Staith to the Piers

At the beginning of Pier Road is what is left of the fish market which in years gone by was one of the thriving businesses in Whitby. Nowadays there are many shops and eateries along this area with fine views over the harbour. At the end of Pier Road you pass the lifeboat museum opposite the bandstand. History of Whitby and its Lifeboats

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You can now take a stroll along the main west harbour pier with fine views over towards Sandsend. Whitby harbour piers and their history On turning back you can now take a right turn and go up the famous Khyber Pass which snakes around leading you towards the top of the West Cliff. At the top there is the slope on the left-hand side leading to the observation seats with the best view of the East side of Whitby. History of Khyber Pass

You can stroll along the top of the east side clifffs on West Terrace towards The Royal Hotel, which has in front of it the famous whalebone jaw dominating the skyline along with the statuette of Captain James Cook the famous explorer. There is a museum near to the swing bridge on Grape Lane dedicated to the explorer and is highly recommended, the building itself was used by Capt Cook himself. Captain James Cook of Whitby

whitby whale bone

Turning left along North Terrace in the direction of Sandsend along the Cliff top you will come to the Royal Crescent which has one of the properties famed for the fact that Bram Stoker stayed there whilst writing his famous book Dracula. There is a blue commemorative plaque on the wall.

Whitby in North Yorkshire and its famous people

Turning round and walking back along the Cliff top and at the top of the Khyber pass take a right turn between the hotels and then turn left down Silver Street with its many shops for browsing.

At the end of Silver Street turning left down one of the oldest streets Flowergate and Cliff Street both metioned In Doomsday Book. The street winds its way down towards the harbour and the swing bridge once again. Now facing the swing bridge take a right turn long Baxtergate which is the busiest shopping parade in town. History of Baxtergate in Whitby and Ye old Smugglers Inn.

If you’re feeling energetic enough you could carry on up towards Pannett Park which gives you wonderful views over the town and Whitby Museum Pannett Parkan excellent museum. Pannett Park and Art Gallery in Whitby

That concludes a quick tour of the town with relevant links to the various tourist attractions.

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